Why to look forward to Eat in Peace?

Eat in Peace are fresh, wholesome jar snacks without preservatives or additives. Primarily made from fresh fruits and with love.  Eat in Peace does not include any added sugar. We use only natural fruit syrups and honey. There is no need to add any natural sweeteners, due to natural sweetness of fresh ripe fruits.


Eat in Peace snacks are dairy-free products that contain plant milks instead. Eat in Peace snacks are made from homemade granola, nuts, all kind of seeds, legumes, and herbs.


Gluten-free options are also available – made from tapioca, buckwheat and chia seeds. Eat in Peace also offers savory variations, such as, different types of hummus and many other.

In case, you are wondering why many of our products are in the glass mason jars? The reason is very simple. Because glass mason cars can be easily recycled or reused again and again. For instance, you can use Eat in Peace glass mason jars for your own home made jams.



The Red Bucket

The Color Bucket

The Yellow Bucket

chia, coconut milk, peach

tapioca, cardamom, kiwi

chia, apples, mango


Why do I do this and who am I?

It was one of those mornings when I missed my breakfast and could not decide, which snack I will eat instead. I was hoping to find something fresh and healthy that would attract my attention. To be honest, I set the bar too high.


I was bored by the product range of supermarkets and bakeries, where all the products were always the same. I wanted something healthier, more inventive and original. So, I decided to move the bar even higher. I was looking for something environment friendly, which also has various health benefits and in the same time will make my soul happy and satisfy my appetite. I started to produce snacks in glass jars, which are packed with vitamins, energy and also look nice. That was the moment, when Eat in Peace came into the world.


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